An old soul trapped in a young body.

I still recall the conversation I had with an elderly man one day.
He was complaining about how people now are relying too much on their electronics, and not being as interactive as they should be with one another.
I told him I felt the same way, however I feel I must use electronics or I would never hear from my friends again. As we continued talking, I realized that I fully agreed with his ponts of view on the matter.
When it was time for me to leave, he smiled at me and said “You’re an old soul trapped in a young body.”

I hope you have a wonderful day…or night.

Back Into The World

For a long while now, I did not have a job. Finally, I was given a chance and now have a job as a cashier at a gas station on the turnpike. It is not far from my house and, because of my mother working there, I already know everyone who works there.
So far I love it, having only been there a week. I can tell myself that I am gaining confidence. I smile more and talk more to those around me out of work.
However what I truly am happy about, is being able to help out my parents with bills. This is what I have been most concerned about through my jobless trial.

In other news, my puppy Baxter and other dog Misty are gone. We do not know if they ran away, were stolen, or if coyotes got to them. Our neighbor told us he spotted a couple on his outside camera after we came up with the first two scenarios. I just hope it isn’t the last one and that they are okay.
This happened a few days after I got the job.

Well, there is not much else I can think of to report. So I will leave you with warm wishes for a happy life.
Have a wonderful day… or night.


A Beautiful Wedding

One of my best friends is now wed. She married a great man, who is also one of my friends. Though the wedding was unorganized, and I didn’t even know it began, it was still a pleasant small, out-door wedding.

Chibi, the new bride, looked like a porcelain doll. I have never seen her with make-up before, so it was a site to see.

I think the low point/ or highlight (however you wish to view it), was the fact that I caught the bouquet. Immediately, the first words I hear are “You’re next!”

My response, seeing as how I have never found love, was “It just means I have another dust collector.” Of course, as to not dampen the mood, I said it in a joking way and laughed.

Maybe one day, if I find the right guy, I will be able to use the bouquet at my wedding, and wish the next girl luck with her ‘soon to be seen’ wedding.

All in all, it was a pleasant day. I believe next would be the baby shower, seeing as how Chibi is 9 weeks. I will soon learn if it is a boy or girl. I am so happy for her.


My birthday came today, and it seemed like any other day. I’ve actually never been big on my birthday. If I get gifts or wishes, that’s fine, just please…. please dear God…. DO NOT SING.

I just stand there and smile like an idiot while the people around me sing. What else am I suppose to do? Oh well. Carpe diem. 


I did have a good day though. It was very relaxed, and for once my hair decided to look near perfect. So yes… it was a good day. 


At any rate, I hope you all have a wonderful day… or night, and happy birthday to all who were born in April. 



I am all for people having their own opinions. But this intolerance to gay-marriage is getting on my nerves. I honestly do not see why two men or two women cannot get married to one another.

To me, this is no different than racism.


It’s Wrong.

The Wild Bird and I




The other day, I was playing fetch with my puppy, Baxter, and new dog, Misty. Misty loves to play fetch. She gets a bit rambunctious though. You can not have a stick in your hand without her pouncing you to get you to throw the stick. I was busy with something else that involved me picking up said stick when I saw her barrel towards me. To satisfy her and get back to my work, I chucked the stick. I looked down and saw a little bird hopping on the ground just inches in front of me. I reached out to see if it was all right and it hopped onto my hand. 

I figured Misty must have stunned him. He is such a small creature and Misty is a large pit bull. Being the animal lover I am and knowing the fact that I had a wild in my hand, I took a few photos (on of which shown above).

After my little photo shoot, I went to work trying to get the bird, that I now know as a Cordilleran Flycatcher back on his feet. He refused to leave my hand, and when he did, because I cupped him to my chest to keep my curious dogs away, my chest would be his new resting place. 

Eventually he gained his bearings and started his flight tests. I am happy to say that he was unharmed and flew away happy and carefree.


This is just another reason for me to love the country even more. 


I hope you have a wonderful day… or night. 



What Did I Just Do?

A friend of mine from high school asked if I ever did tattoo designs for my friends. I told him I never tried, but I would try because it sounded like fun. I am more of a doodler. I barely draw elaborate designs for myself.

After I asked him what he wanted, I immediately regretted it. He wants a a cemetery theme with a dead oak tree where it’s branches form God’s face and a devilish wrought iron gate covered in black and red roses.

Not that I cannot draw this, I just don’t want to screw it up. My mother puts pressure on me by telling everyone how great of an artist I am, when I have nothing but doubt myself. Then again, I have always been this way.

If I didn’t already promise I would try, I would back out now. Hopefully, he won’t be disappointed, and hopefully, I will have learned a new… interesting art form.

That One Weird Hobby



Before, I use to think I had normal hobbies like reading, drawing, and writing, internet surfing, and gaming. That is, until I added another recipe to my ever expanding recipe binder. Out of curiosity, I counted up to 336 recipes in all, knowing the number will only grow.
Thing is, I do not cook and I bake very little. I am sure I could cook if I tried, I just do not want to set the house on fire nor do I want to try to cook when my mom is home. I love her with all my heart, but she has to be the nosiest person I know. “What are you doing?” “Why are you mixing it like that?” “Are you sure you have enough of that in there?” “I think you need to add more.” “Here, let me show you how.”
Perhaps one day, when no one is peering over my shoulder, I will try my hand at cooking. Until then, I will continue collecting recipes for no reason at all.

A majority of the recipes I have accumulated, I received from magazines my hairdresser gives me. I only ever skim through them for art inspiration and recipes, and then I stack them up until I am afraid my floor will cave in from the weight. That is not a hobby though, that is just pure laziness. I am lazy.

I guess we all have that one weird hobby though. My mother collects wheat pennies; my friend Tomato and her insect photography; and I think my sister has a thing for switching out her furniture every few months?
Oh well, it is just one more way that makes us all unique, and I love the uniqueness in everyone.
With that, I hope you have a wonderful day… or night, and stay your unique and awesome self.



Everything Happens for A Reason

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. The problem is, I never seem to know what that reason is until either someone points it out to me, or I figure it out when it is already way too late. 

In one instance, when I was staying with my sister for a week, her roommate was driving us to a concert. Normally, she’s whipping around other cars like they are nothing, however this go around, she was taking her time and staying behind a slow moving vehicle. A couple of motorcycles past us at near high speed, as some young hot-shots do. A few minutes later, both were totaled. 

During those few minutes, my sister wanted her roommate to pass the vehicle in front of us, but she refused to give in. When we passed those motorcycles she said “See, and you wanted me to pass that car. If I did, it would have been us caught in that accident as well. Everything happens for a reason.”


When I think about it, the only times I actually begin to think this, is when something dramatic happens. It is never like “Oh no, I dropped my french fry, everything happens for a reason” or “Ouch I stubbed my toe on the couch again, everything happens for a reason”. Then again, I don’t really need to eat anything greasy and I should definitely move that couch over it I keep stubbing my toe.


I wonder though, if you were to truly think this when every little thing happens, would you drive yourself insane trying to figure out its reason? 


I’ll leave you with that and I hope you have a wonderful day… or night.